Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rights of pregnant workers

It is for an employer to discriminate against pregnant workers illegally. Pregnant women cannot be in accordance with the law on discrimination during pregnancy, an amendment to the civil rights caused Act of 1964, based on your condition or medical problem caused by pregnancy. Also says the law that the employer not reject a woman pregnant for other related with state reasons or on the basis of complaints to rent in the workplace. TerminationsAccording employment of women, as long as a pregnant worker his main tasks still runs no employer can fire him for reasons relating to pregnancy. If the workers can perform its usual tasks, it must be treated as your colleagues and equipped with a change in employment. If this is not possible, the employer is required to temporary leave. If - pregnancy as the bed - rest of his employer based permission must orders.Medical InsuranceHealth medical insurance plans provided by a company must approve in addition offer benefits for pregnancy. In addition, pregnancy insurance costs have higher than other conditions or increasing your deductible. If an employer provides disability insurance in the short term, it should provide also pregnancy leave. According to equal opportunity employment Commission's insurance to an employer but not liable for expenses arising from abortion, at least, the mother's life be purchased danger.Maternity LeavePregnant workers after delivery - maternity leave and sometimes before - as instructed by your doctor. Normal can usually consists of six weeks after a regular delivery or eight weeks after a quayserschnitt. According to the Commission of the Égali BeschäftigungTé ways an employer is required open to maintain work for absence of the pregnancy of the same length as any other conditions. According to pregnant workers benefits, leave or Pasêtre paid.Family and ActThe leave pregnant may qualify medical staff for the family and medical leave act of 1993. FMLA says that a covered employer until to grant 12 weeks of unpaid annual leave eligible workers. An infant, permission associated with adoption and custody of a child covers the birth of FMLA. Use the FMLA, an indoor entity shall at least 50 employees within a 75 mile radius deal. the pregnant employee must have a minimum of 12 months with business.Who ContactIf, you or someone you know discriminated against at work because of pregnancy, contact the equal employment opportunity Commission. According to the employment of women, a complaint must be submitted within 300 days. The Commission can be reached toll-free toll-free, 1 800 669-4000. Submit your local Office of the Commission, a complaint, you can visit.

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