Friday, April 8, 2011

AORN policy and procedures

Perioperative nurses association is a professional organization and the Organization of the rights of nurses. AORN employees for this work nurses and by a number of policies and procedures to ensure the ethical and professional behavior if active bound for their members. The Mission of the MissionAORN is threefold. First, counsel for the safety of patients, the invasive surgical procedures undergo. Secondly, they provide nurses professional growth of its members. Third, work with other professional organizations and leaders in the medical industry to promote the mission AORN.Ethical ConductAORN governs the behavior of its employees and members of the Board several directives. You are not allowed to money, to accept confidential information. You want to use the funds for purposes outside of society. And should any confidential information, including information about your employees or employers with other entities. None of these behaviors you win an AORN employee or a member of the Board of discipline, including termination and your nurses.Conflict can interfere with their ability, InterestAORN staff service member must also commit, not behavior would be considered a conflict of interest. These behaviors include acceptance of gifts for the care, engage in contracts with friends and family to do business with those that are in competition with AORN or for use on a Board of Directors for an organization that is in competition with AORN. Members have flexibility. You may take over $100 of calendar gifts, donations are not personenbezogenNatur. A good example of this is a gift with poleitik co share can - workers...Professional BehaviorAORN suggest that professional behavior includes processed and treat others with respect. Employees have the right to a work are not abuse or harassment or where you are an employee or supervisor Bulmenti environment. AORN employees are asked to this behavior, a supervisor or your human resources supervisor, so that you specifically use the AORN process.DiscriminationAORN whistleblowing policy can address discrimination report. Employees are not discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, ancestry, handicap, veteran, marital status or any other situation believe. If employees AORN believes that you is been discriminated against, it has the right, these concerns to his superior without reprisals to wear and AORN before the right, claims on his InfractionsShould behalf.Investigation AORN violate some guidelines employees or to examine procedures has a corporate compliance Committee makes to investigate violations and discipline for the violation. This discipline can contain termination employee AORN and court proceedings.

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