Friday, April 8, 2011

What will change in 2004 in the regulation for the EDF?

The Fair Labor Standards Act existed for over 70 years, and most Americans assume that such an important element of the law no implementation need update or refinement. The landscape employment changes constantly and so are the laws that it. A change reworded significantly several key components of the EDF in 2004. History protein extraction curing 1938 original EDF fully signed by Franklin Roosevelt changed the structure of American labour market policy. Although it applied only to 20 per cent of the workforce overall, minimum wage commissioned new provisions in the EDF banned most of the work of children, a standard work of week and especially set a good example of employers.Exempt not Manuel LaborThe 2004 EDF completely reorganized and test clearly identify which employees of overtime are exempt. Who strictly do administrative work for Manager and earn less than $455 per week are free. Executives need to earn at least $455 per week and have at least two employees working under you as exempt.Exempt computer EmployeesSpecial provisions to qualify, which apply to certain computer stations. A person who works in the computer science is considered free if it fixes computers, installed software and hardware systems or consulted on these issues. General, if more education as a secondary school diploma requires your work computer and earn one hour at least $455 per week or $27.63 closes EDF exempt you more compensation EmployeesThe time.Highly 2004 amendment also high except employees compensated perform manual work. It vendors and any person, performing a combination of other Jobfunktionenbefreit. The employee must at least $100.000 per year related, including a regular salary of $455 and no bonus how employers may correctly implement housing, medical insurance and other "social" benefits.Safe HarborSome difficulties the new exemption criteria. Change the EDF 2004 Institute one clause of the "safe harbor" for a short period for companies, the correction of all faulty or inadequate wages learned. This employer incorrectly classified an employee helps avoid complaints because of honest error in the judgment. Employers can be safe, if a complete faith trying in the future of the EDF.

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