Sunday, April 3, 2011

The minimum wage law

Minimum wage object is always with much debate between American United States. Many supporters of the minimum wage in free yet he raised it workers properly support their families. Opposition insists on the fact that the increase in the minimum wage will do more harm than good in the country because it causes inflation. This age-old debate began the first minimum wage in the country adopting fair labor standards act right. The core of the "minimum wage" is a term used to describe a company is entitled to pay its employees at low wages. The minimum wage is set at the federal level. However, are allowed to offer States employees of higher minimum wages if you see appropriate. Defined by a different way, the price the employees are entitled is the minimum wage offer their services at a national minimum wage from employer.HistoryThe is part of the EDF or "Fair Labor Standards Act." EDF is a law in 1938 to define a national minimum wage for 25 cents an hour. In addition to cover the minimum wage has developed a set of standards on the number of hours that a minor and the additional rules can function EDF. If the EDF was originally released, time enough for a person to support a family was 25 cents. The EDF has no provision to exactly when and how to update the national minimum wage so that falls from the task Congress.CalculationsCurrently, the amount of money which is the minimum wage by raised and if the minimum wage is raised, are determined by a certain calculation. As a result, the amount that is raised the national minimum wage is always subject to debate. It was agreed that the minimum wage be sufficiently solltef├╝r a worker to support a familie, even if this is not necessarily taken into account when deciding how increase indeed at least wage.StatesWhile must apply to all States of the national minimum wage you can introduce your own specific state wage minimum. State minimum wage may never lower than the national minimum wage. An example is in Washington, where the State minimum wage was $8.55 in 2009 that is higher than the national minimum wage from $7.25.ProcessA Congressman or Senator of the national minimum wage increase introduce a Bill in the Senate or the House stating this fact was. It will be declared in the template as he believes that the minimum wage should be increased. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is an example of a person who regularly presents them in the Senate, bills. Most of the time, these calculations are tuned. Every year a few of these bills are passed and an increase in go the national minimum wage in effect.Bills must pass both chambers of Congress and signed by the President to become law.

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