Friday, April 8, 2011

How: taking your wage garnishment

User ArticleBecause I could find someone else that this information - any trustee in bankruptcy, I decided bankruptcy attorney or a tax professional or someone else-, I had to give themselves. Since the tax authorities, banks and the billions of dollars of money is salvation, I decided that people need relief from banks and tax bill collectors man.If enter your salary, you can now stop attachment and unnecessary bankruptcy. In this article I even show how much more content - no garnishees.Difficulty would also get more money than you: ModerateInstructions1You require cooperation from your employer to use this system. If your employer is a small company, it is not too difficult. But if your employer is a large public company or the Government, it would not be possible. Always someone have rented rules and your immediate supervisor rule can not change them. 2You. (This means that you work on your current employment, your business, if you are an independent employee) by an independent company. So, you are a company and your provides services for your current employer (who can be your own business). This is done in the same way, a temporary services company offers the services of a temporary worker, your have a company that has need for an additional individual temporarily 3You your content from your current employer that trust provides for independent company, the company, the services to the company where you work. This means that, even if money passes your employer directly to you, your employer of the independent company and then theoretically you. 4When, receive the funds in trustfor the independent company, independent company then lends money to you, the loan by an assignment from your salary co Indépendantrporation you need is secured. In other words, the independent company you should pay for the work done but instead you taxable wages paid, it brings money loans. And security for the loan is the legal commitment by the independent company numbers the wage, a wage assignment. So, after the transaction is complete, you need an independent company loans and wages (equal) for you. The net effect is really something to anyone nil. But have your money from the company where work without any deduction of creditors, bill collectors or seizure. Interest on the loan by the independent company is compensated by the equal participation by you charged on the unpaid wages. And all this happens, immediately you will receive your pay. 5Please Note: this procedure requires no effective transfer the content or business in the independent company results. All "transfer" of funds ("Payments" and "Loans") can be signed only as the accounting records and documents. So your current employers always your wages directly to you, not the corporation pay. independent 6 Additional bonus: to increase your salary. To further protect your balance by creditors, collectors providing Bill and seizure, this method also ease cumbersome deducted for income tax and social security. So, it also significantly increases your net salary, there was no wage and payroll loans. Because you never get your salary (except as a loan), you never no income Steuernauf it. If you never aid banks and Wall Street independent millionaires. 7The society fees. How many independent company charge for their services? An angemessenter amount would be 7% of your income you want to protect this system. (For prints for lenders, bill collectors, seizure, income, social d Unsécurité.)

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