Monday, April 25, 2011

What is required if your employer will stop payment on your list of wage and payroll control?

Especially for living keeping employees pay numbers pay check to a stop payment order may be submitted a frustrating experience potentially impact downstream on paying bills or buy food or medicine. Where a cheque of a stop payment order is returned, the employee has several options. Explore the PROBLEMDIE first face with a suspended salary account must discover what is the problem. Call wage and payroll or your employer's human resources department. Sometimes a decision of the standing order payment is issued if one or more controls in a batch is missing or is destroyed. Or it could be a legitimate error by the employer or by the Bank. The first task is to honest mistake and check replacement check.Demand PaymentIf stop is legitimate payment order and the employer refuses the wages earned, the affected employee a written declaration of non-payment or payment should require. Dynamically be but threatens not; For example, the local police will participate, as would be this civil and no criminal proceedings if it, the Court was therefore not to threaten "police call.", file a ComplaintIn a Union shop, guardian or a guide speaking one to help. In an environment with non-unionised a complaint directly with the US labor wage and hour, on the ground that the employer less than the Federal Republic of minimum wage compensation Division (actually, $0 per hour) has made available. A complaint with the Office of the State as well.File work a small request LawsuitTake small - claims employer due to more direct costs to pay court. If the work is done, the employee is entitled to reasonable compensation in accordance with the agreement of the employee. EINE trial peut êwerden only practical restore the loss wages.Document EverythingDocument method, all correspondence and financial transactions, including expenses or penalties by the stop payment order paid. Maintain a review returned or refused COP and copies originally the send all correspondence to and from the employer of differentiates the position. A judge will most likely be in finding in favour of the employee if it a clear paper trail.

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