Sunday, March 27, 2011

Act on minimum wage in New York

Minimum wage laws create rate lowest prices, employers can pay, some employees work to perform. Laws consist of State and federal laws. If you act are subject to State and federal minimum wage, are entitled to one that pays the highest amount. Some States have made minimum wage higher than of Government available. The minimum wage law prevents a person legally sell his work for less than established minimum. Historical ContextIn 1938, Congress passed the first minimum wage with the creation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The law is designed to provide a minimum wage, overtime numbers regulation work of children and record keeping requirements. The minimum wage is designed to stabilise the economy origin and to the protection of workers in the workforce. It also argued that the minimum wage was designed to the most vulnerable Рprotecting the country's population because they have a living keeping reward does not have sufficient bargaining power to. Initially it was for those involved in the production of commerce.New York were minimum for apt and overseas WageIn 2007, salary federal minimum rose from $5.15 an hour up to $5.85 workers; 2008 increased $6.55 an hour. On 24 July 2009, the minimum wage in the State of New York has increased to $7.25 per hour. Previously he was fired from 10 cents $7.15 time in New York State since January 2007, but the federal measures in 2009. As a result, the Act on minimum wage in the New York State has adopted minimum wage Germany, because the Federal Government some of these provisions of the minimum wage are excluded the amount of the minimum wage in New York State already in minimum wage LawsAccording place.Exempt triggered has the Congress. Is commonly assumed, you have a higher level of collective bargaining power which the provisions of the minimum wage in essentially no value. These include actors, directors, sales outside and professionals. Other exceptions include those with special circumstances, such as a disability or salary part-time full-time can change students.Wage order minimum rate, in certain regulations called "arrested wages." These provisions apply to employment in the services sector hotel restaurant and the strengthening of and other professions variety. These orders from hourly wages value rate more overtime and benefits on the basis of meals and accommodation provided by the employer. Some industries are allowed, set to an hourly rate of advice. Food service workers can only $4.65 time earn because your total compensation waiting tips.Minimum salary order firmly WorkersIn agricultural workers on work includes farms, where your total cash remuneration exceeds 3,000 US US dollar for the previous year, the order of minimum wages for agricultural workers is. This mission must all workers receive $7.25, the time, the immediate family members and under 17 year olds are paid their parents at the time. It allows the deductions for the meals and accommodation are provided by the employer, with the exception of the housing for seasonal workers. In addition, employers are obliged by law to display the content order shows together with a copy of the general contract of employment. Content specifies order prints for meals zulässigund hosting available provided by the employer.

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