Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jamaican labour law

Jamaica. labour legislation to protect of the rights of workers on the island of TheCaribbean. Separate laws are in place to treat certain rights as women's rights and men receive equal pay for equal work, the right to vacation with numbers and the Organization of trade unions. Union members of MinorsAccording law on trade unions, older persons less than 18 years old, that are considered how Jamaica of right minors may become members of trade unions. Minors must be aged over 16 years of membership and that enjoy all rights of membership, you will not, to a syndicate the content committee.Equal can use management and Conditionsthe employment (equal pay for men and women) is that ensures men and women do the same equal pay for work. If women receive favourable conditions of employment on pregnancy and childbirth, there is no discrimination in favour of women according to the pay PayIn Jamaica act.Holiday, employee, work for an employer for 110 days or more in a given year are right vacation. The amount received compensation depends on the number of days worked in and how long the employee for the employer has worked. When the employee for more than 10 years for the employer has worked and worked for over 220 days in a given year is to leave for three weeks into account for the maximum holiday.

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