Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to take now to increase your balance of House-

Have filed of user "employee leasing" company gets a company.But used employees, it is an advantage hidden tax employee leasing. Staff leasing can be used, income tax payments, interest-free, you move, as long as wish.Here a plan we offer business owners and employees is after tax below, and even use the wage garnishment to avoid wage and attachment of tax collectors to payroll, to collect unpaid taxes: plan for deferral of income TaxesDifficulty: ModerateInstructions1You, a business owner be leased employees. This means that you work in your current company by a leasing company. To be an employee of leasing company and offers your services for your business. This happens in a temporary company offers services, services of a temporary worker, a company that has an additional individual temporarily. 2If also need, are an employee, must consent to a leased employee. 3You employers your salary by your current employer (who is your business if you company) you trust the company leasing the company your services for the companies work. This means, that passes much money from your current employer directly to you from a point of view, the legal your current leasing company employer and then you. 4When get money in trust for the leasing business is the leasing company then gives money, is to provide you with the loan by applying your salary leasing company, you need secured. In other words, the leasing company, the you wages for work performed, but should pay taxable wages instead of you, it brings money loans. And security for das loan is the legal commitment by the company of credit bKnoblauch numbers the salary that is, a wage assignment. So, once the transaction is complete, you need the loan, leasing companies and Jet a salary (equal) for you. The net effect is really something to anyone nil. But have your money from the company where work without pay and payroll and income taxes. Interest on the loan by the leasing company is compensated by the equal participation by you charged on the unpaid wages. And all this happens immediately, the payment received. That you receive your salary (except as loans), need 5Please no tax on it. Note: this procedure is not necessary to the effective transfer of salary or business to the leasing company result. All "transfer" of funds ("Payments" and "Loans") can be signed only as the accounting records and documents. So, your current employer always your wages directly to you, not pay rent company. 6 Additional bonus: protection from the garnishee summons. In addition this method provides its balance heaviness deducted from income tax, etc. to protect, exemption from the garnishee summons. As payment for services under the leased employees, but the leasing companies is the seizure of money of the tax on the income or anything can lead other garnishments against the leased employees.

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