Friday, March 18, 2011

The minimum wage for employees

The minimum wage regulates the lowest wages to employees under the Act to be paid. The Federal minimum wage is the Fair Labor Standards Act established and managed by the u.s. Department of labor. Several Member States have also minimum wage laws. FederalEffective 24 July 2009, the Federal minimum wage is $7.25 by hour.StateFourteen States and the District of Columbia have laws define the minimum wage, the higher than the amount established by the Fair Labor Standards Act. Five countries have a lower minimum wage. In these two employees of applies.ExemptionsCertain wages are exempt from the obligation of the Federal Republic of SMIC prices, including older workers under the age of 20, those who receive the most high tips, workers with disabilities, students at full-time students enrolled in a vocational program.IncreasesThe federal minimum wage is increased by the law of the Congress. State minimum wage rate applicable, are subject to state legislatures.ViolationsThe US Department of Labor enforces that do not meet available federal minimum wage and duties on employers, the sanctions. Fines up to a maximum of $1100 per offence are and in addition to evaluate a DOS which employers must pay.

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