Friday, March 18, 2011

To avoid such discrimination in employment - the genetic information non-discrimination Act

Submitted by user ArticleThe new anti-discrimination law, genetic information non-discrimination Act 2008 November 2009 into force on 21. Title II of GINA is the Federal law that makes for an employer to discriminate against it illegally based on genetic information. How can an employer avoid hurting GINA? Can an employee questions "as you think?" Degree of difficulty: ChallengingInstructions1 EmployersGINA covers following employers: employers in the private sector, the at least 15 employees or; State and local government. Employment agencies. Organizations. Federal Government; Federal legislative powers. joint committees of work; and EmployeesGINA President. 2 Executive Bureau protects employees, former employees and applicants for employment. 3 ProhibitedIf are an employer under GINA, it is forbidden to use genetic information to discriminate against a person in employment status. If you do can be injured GINA. 4For example happen to hear that a candidate for a post has a family history of a particular disease and decide not to hire could know if based on this against the individual by using the genetic information be discriminated against and GINA. 5 genetic InformationGINA could violate prohibit a covered employer questions, demanding or the acquisition of genetic information. This would mean that an employer is looking for genetic information. Genetic information may include DNA genetic testing laboratories genetic analysis. GINA may be hurt. 6 ConversationWhat if the employer had a casual conversation about what someone has done over the weekend and staff shows rendered to a parent element that has a particular disease? There is no employer for genetic information search. Baych, if could be dieverwendet this information to adverse employment decisions then employer violated GINA. 7 RestrictionGINA limits an employer from the acquisition of genetic information to employees or other entities, such as a doctor. If you must run a job offer post review or fitness-for duty employment verification not doctors, genetic information. 8 to gather more ConfidentialGINA information should questions requires employers to protect of the privacy of genetic information. If you must have medical information in a separate file by other documents on the genetic information employee. 9 is kept, test genetic includes, but is not limited to genetic testing of an individual test genetic members of the family of the person and family medical history. Genetic information is not the fact that exceptions to the acquisition of the employers in the genetic information include someone who currently has an illness or a medical condition. 10 ExceptionThere. For the Commission's Web site.

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