Sunday, March 27, 2011

Renew a work permit

Work permits are immigrant visa in United States that are valid for a number of years. You can you extend the type of licence you have depending on the work permit. This will give you more time to live and work in the United States without the country leave and asking about other visa.Difficulty: ModerateInstructionsThings you need: DS-156 FormApproved petition 129Copy I your your work, your form1Confirm ContractLetter PassportCopy note of 94 EmployerOriginal your visa class is entitled, an extension. Some work visa have a duty of residence home or are just not for extensions into account. If you in a class, the extensions allowed, your employer to a petition-129 worker Nonimmgrant process\r. 2Ask then you can start file on your behalf. It must be submitted before the date of expiry on your form-94. This form contains information about your contract renewal, the position and the company. It must be your employer completed and citizenship and the United States immigration processing services are subject to. Once your employer receives a notification that the petition is approved, you can a new DS-156, the alien visa application proceed. 3Fill. This form contains information about your stay in the United States and your future U.S. plans. 4Gather your documents. You need the approved request messages from your employer, a letter from your employer indicating your employment, salary and position in society and the contract, a copy of your Passport USA, your original form 94 and is located on your form. 5Submit appropriate visa fees details request application and treatment centre, the your state of residence documents responsible. Follow the instructions on vFormular DS-156 ur to the correct address. Once the visa-Antrag clarified is the decision notified.

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