Monday, February 7, 2011

Bill unpaid wages

New York Governor George Pataki, under State unpaid wages Act adopted in 1997. The law protects workers by sanctions for employers to increase the numbers for your employees not enough or at all numbers. History and unpaid wages was adopted in large part due to pressure of migrant workers and other employees of the minority BackgroundThe Act. Campaign began in churches, businesses and trade unions of the show and the content of New York continue implementation right the most demanding in the minimum penalty unpaid wages, $500 to $200 more than doubled country.PenaltiesThe Act, doubling the maximum sentence for $20,000 to $10,000. More severe sanctions to employers free or to discourage denial of workers numbers. Also, the right it is a crime knowingly pour inadequate or refuse to pay the employees twice. Penalized as a result, the employer through a fine for a first offence. the second is charges.Civil crime face SuitsEmployees are also authorized files civil actions against their employers for damages. In addition to paid legal and justice costs the employer must pay twice the amount the employee the wages due. Before the law face employer civil suits paid only 25% of the wages due.

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