Monday, February 14, 2011

Georgia minimum wage law

Georgia employees are one of the Fair Labor Standards Act guaranteed fixed minimum wage amount. Employers operating in Georgia are informed of the minimum wage legislation by the Secretary of State of Georgia by post immediately after a qualified company is registered. RateAs hourly wage is $5.15 April 2010, the minimum wages hourly rates in Georgia. In cases where the employer is subject to the fair standard labour law and federal hourly wage is higher than the speed of Georgia are applicable federal rate. April 2010, the Federal minimum wage rate is $7.25.Overtime WagesThe Fair Labor Standards Act overtime compensation contains the requirements of the minimum wage requirements. Employees, with an hourly rate paid must at a rate of 1 1/2 times the standard hourly wage to work 40 hours per week to be paid. Staff were for business interest Mall wages.Exceptions small farmers to company overtime paid to certain requirements whose should pay the minimum wage rate Georgia. Small businesses are all employers with sales of less than $40,000 per year or five employees or less. Georgia small businesses, the business across state lines via mail or phone on a regular basis to pay employees SMIC. Depending on the type of company guidelines may apply current federal minimum wage. If an entrepreneur not sure what minimum wage must be paid is contacted the Ministry of work of Georgia clarification should be .Gratuity-based WagesEmployers, which employees receive most of their wages in the form of advice, not minimum wage rate d numbers required sindStaaten. The Georgia State minimum wage for people whose Vergütung is received by the satisfaction is $2.13. (E) are Georgia, employersin loaded, to ensure that recipients receive the salary of the employee base salary equivalent of minimum wage State Rmangé but Georgia basic remuneration legally do employers employees, must so f: System.Windows.controls.datepickerformat.long term care EmployeesEmployees work in long-term care facilities are not always correct, the minimum wage basis of Georgia received the amount. The establishment in question must care ready for mentally handicapped adults and children, to live in the institution. Installation in the long-term employees the life in the installation, and pay for food and rooms, can be paid less than $5.15 per hour. Georgia law requires that employees receive at least $ 10,000 per year.

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