Monday, February 14, 2011

How do I replace a student visa r. u.

If a student to Britain, but your course end and your Visa almost is. You have decided that you want to stay and work permanently in the United Kingdom or University graduate obtained another diploma. British borders has several options for students who wish to replace or extend their students visa level 4 either employer or continue their studies work full time. These options most people can apply for a visa to the United Kingdom, a House of travel is not necessary.Difficulty: ModerateInstructionsThings you need: current passport valid VisaConfirmation level 4 (adult learners) evidence of establishing SponsorshipDegree qualification DocumentsStamped biometrics letter1Gather FundsCertificate studies (CAS) your documents. If a request a visa student level 4 a new course take to expand, you will need your school confirmation accepted and proof of funds to your tuition fees and living expenses cover studies. Proof of funds includes letters from school sponsorship and bank statements. 2If request visa skilled worker level 2 new sponsored or permitted to work, receive a certificate of sponsorship from your prospective employer. The employer the UK border agency should be registered. Collect the CAS and proof of funds to support themselves maintenance to Britain. You will need £ 800 in your bank account for at least three consecutive months prior to application. 3The borders British agency skilled worker level 1 that no employer sponsorship show resources available, and you can also switch to a category of visa highly in the United Kingdom and job-search remain. When choosing this type of visa, collect proof of funds (£ 800 in your bank account the m)(s_drei_aufeinander_folgende_Monate) and qualification of the degree TranskripTe as your original degree 4Take rating system based on points for the type of visa if qualified online and respective online visa application and pay PR Ocessing visas tables. Need to book and to participate in one for all appointment 5Send biometric data (fingerprints) documents, including letter stamped biometrics, the Consulate of the United Kingdom. Lead times vary. prepare the four to six weeks for a reversal.

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