Monday, February 7, 2011

Disability Discrimination Act of Northern Ireland

The Disability Discrimination Act of Northern Ireland, adopted in 1995 the discrimination against people with disabilities aims, on the basis of disability in the definition of "Disability" and by providing strict guidelines for the employment end education, transport and other areas. The law was the National Council of Canadians with disabilities, to advise the Government of North Ireland policy on the rights of persons with disabilities and to the defence and promotion of the law. DefinitionsThe disability discrimination Act defines what is legally declared "Handicap" and a "disabled person." A "handicap" is defined as a physical or mental disability has a negative impact on the ability of a person to carry out normal daily activities, significant and long-term. "Disabled person" is simply defined as a person, a disability.EmploymentThe has law makes it discriminated against an employee or an applicant based on her disability illegal for all employers. With regard to the applicant, it is illegal for employers, anyone have any work to refuse alone because of their disability. If the employer has a person with a disability, it is not allowed to employees for the promotion, you can limit benefits or just wages, nor is it permitted, that person because of his disability.EducationThis requires Act fire section accommodate schools and students with special education needs disability containing based. This means that traffic won't services can disavowed to a student because of his disability and each student required considerations be special considerations (such as such as overtime on testing) because of his disability must provide. This gilt for both the primary and the education.TransportationT transport Abschnitthöhere Il (or more) of the Act defines taxis on the accessibility of persons with disabilities regulations. No taxi may refuse service because of his disability a person and they must also offer secure input and output for Éthiqul' with disabilities. Must also the taxi drivers help wheelchair users inside and outside the cabin and animals (such as simple eye dog) to allow the passenger travel. In an amendment adopted in 2006 also necessary Government paid to all trains fully accessible for people with disabilities through year 2020.Other areas become DiscriminationThe law prohibits discrimination by providing goods or services in any shop, restaurant, Bank, or any other organization, which sells products or provides a service for. This means that fair accessibility or responsive services must be provided to persons with disabilities in the same way was serve and as each else.The created national disability CouncilBy pursuant to law, the National Council for people with disabilities to help these people's rights to protect of the rights of persons with disabilities, and advise the Government on the issues of disability rights to promote.

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