Monday, February 7, 2011

District of Columbia workers compensation law

The benefits of disease, injury, or death that occurs or the result in the employment or workers compensation laws offer a solution. According to the legal information Institute of Cornell University law school has every State and the District of Columbia his own individual accident obligations and regulations. In the District of Columbia compensation program is located in the Department of employment services, handle requests and monitor payment of benefits to injured employees private sector. ResponsibilitiesUnder district of Columbia of the employer code requires employers in the private sector worker's compensation insurance for your employees. There is no exemption in some other States to small employers or agricultural employers. Employers are also required to cover domestic workers, to which every three months or one quarter 240 hours work. Every employer must keep records of injury or death of an employee that occurs in the course of business. 10 Days from the time of injury or death of the employee information for district of Columbia to the employees, the cause of the injury or death, and the place and time of the incident should provide the employer. If the employer unable such report, the employer can be up to fine $1,000 for each failure.Employee ResponsibilitiesOnce employment services Office receives a report on injuries or death, is the Office shall inform the employees rights and obligations of the employee. The employee requires compensation for 30 days from the day of the accident to file complaints of accidental injury to an employee or the occupational disease, with his employer and the employee. Compensation for an injury, the Mto get itarbeiter application erzeugen.fordern must you an employee less than a year after the injury. Compensation is three days paid a violation for the first, unless the damage exceeds 14 days.CoverageTdispositions workers compensation offered in the District of Columbia code available specific benefits for injured workers at work. Injury or death must occur while the employee in the District of Columbia or delivers the injury outside of the District of Columbia, must the employer in the first place in the District of Columbia. Medical benefits are available for employees at work each time or monetary limit. Salary benefits and distortions or other exposed area are available for serious face, head and neck physical and vocational rehabilitation at the workplace hearing loss and death.PaymentsPayments are limited in quantity up to 500 weeks and compensated for certain ages, pension or plans that benefits financed exclusively by the employer. Not highest average weekly wage of employees in the District of Columbia or $396.78 exceed compensation. Employees may request an extension 167 weeks more than 500 first weeks. Death benefits are payable to survivors of legal representative (spouses, partners inside, parents, persons in charge of close) employees is based on a percentage of the employee's salary and subject to a ceiling. There is also an allowance for funeral expenses. All wage rates are adjusted annually.ExceptionsAn employers may not be liable for damages under the laws of the District of Columbia workers ' compensation if the employer first and foremost on the outside of the district and insurance in the State in which the company is the EMP basiertTWEis a subcontractor or employee was intoxicated or intentionally injured or killed themselves or other employee.Contact provides more information or submit request compensation contact one employee of the District of Columbia Department of employment services to: Department of employment Services64 New York Ave., NE, 2nd FloorWashington, D.C. 20002Phone: 202-671-1000Fax: 202-541-3595

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