Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To stay in the United States with works of H 2B visa

It is impossible on the United States during a longer period on an H - 2B to stay visa. H 2B is a temporary visa for seasonal workers and originally issued for a period of one year. Visa can be extended for a maximum period of two years, the possible duration of an H - 2B therefore a total of three years. To stay for a maximum period of three years, U.S. holders of visa H - 2B to a change of State qualification and a replacement visa.Difficulty request file: ChallengingInstructions1File an extension of your original H - 2B visa. Only your employer so that it must be completely behind your work to justify the extension. Your employer must submit the first ETA 750 A by the national agency of the labour force of the State in which you are employed. After that it has received approval, be required to submit a petition as a foreign worker (form I-129 petition for foreign workers). Once the application is accepted, you receive employer of a document approval (I-797) which is to stay your legal ticket on your H - 2B for another year. Extensions are valid for a period of one year and can be found on a twice. 2Change individual visa your status. The only way for a period of more than three years on an H - 2B USA will remain origin, if you are submitting a change of State. To do another employee to find sponsorship (work, may not work the H - 2B which denied the original intention of the H 2B of the seasonal work), whether registered in a college and change your H - 2B status to F-1 status student visa or marry a U.S. citizen and adapt to a family's petition. H - 2B is not grounds for RES or green Karteidency. 3Complete, the process of change in statuscontinue. Regardless of the path you choose (employment, marriage, or study), the process is not immediate and requires the achievement of several forms of application and petitions. Change of status of employment requires that your employer in a file petition 129 and Prouverpar by the Ministry of labour than other Americans to the task that they are required. After approval of the project that you submit must change form I-539 (or I-485) your status if permanent visa is preserved. F-1 student visa require inclusion in an American University, numbers that change SEVIS form I-539, wait status of submission and three months for approval visa fee. To change by marriage (family), American family member must an application by filing form I-130 and I 129E followed your customization of the State, the form I-485. You need a good reason the United States like to stay at the end of your Visa non immigrant (H - 2B) and depending on the situation, it is desirable that you get a legal opinion of an immigration lawyer.

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