Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So get a work visa to the United States

Work on the United States is an excellent opportunity to discover a new culture and to learn a new language. Before you can apply for a visa, but must already a guaranteed job or an employer sponsor. The application process begins with employer rather than the applicant. US employers is the only one that can start your visa. Therefore, you must wait, after the process of obtaining a work visa can begin.Difficulty are sent for approval by the American authorities to you: moderately ChallengingInstructionsThings ll need: jobs in the U.S. .Approved 129 form form DS-156 sponsored or DS 160 # PassportPassport size photo $131. 00Proof ties to your home CountryForm DS-157 (if applicable) allowed 1 fast an I - 129 form by post. This form is completed by your employer in the United States reviewed and written by U.S. citizenship and immigration services (USCIS). You have to wait no hand in another process so that it can be submitted, approved and sent. You need to get a visa before planning application appointment. 2Schedule http://USCIS.gov/graphics/ visa application interview with the US Consulate or Embassy, jurisdiction over your place resident. You can apply for a visa to work while on the inside of the United States. Interview appointment must online on the website of the Embassy or Consulate be specific. If you are not sure which apply by Embassy or Consulate, visit usembassy.gov for a complete list of places in the world. You need your number received approval for your form I-129 to scheduling 3Gather provide all documents and forms necessary for the appointment. You need to complete and print a form available on the e-filing vonThe US State Department. According to the requirements of the specific message by apply you need form DS-156 / DS-160 complete. Check what form visa procedures required by your embassy or Consulate Unccessing each site of the Consulate section. The signed application form you need a valid passport, SMEs passport photo and proof of your connection to your home present and plan to return. Additional visa application form DS-157 alien is required of all men between 16 and 45 years for all citizens regardless of age or sex of the Nations from Cuba, Syria, Sudan and the Iran. You can find the form on the site shapes USDS. It's not electronic and printed and filled with ink. 4Provide a fingerprint scan, on arrival in your interview request you $131.00 fresh processing application will pay, must be. It is possible that your visa but granted during your interview, is the judgment of the consular officer to keep your application for a more thorough before issuing a visa.

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