Monday, February 7, 2011

Compare the minimum wage in the United States with the world

Minimum wage is defined as the lowest rate of time/day/month pay eligible employers, workers to pay for. Minimum wage varies from nation to nation, as a State or province to province in these countries. U.S. WageAs minimum is October 2010, the Federal minimum wage in the United States $7.25 per hour. A standard 40 hour week translates to $58 per day, $290 per week and $1,160 / month.European WagesAmerican minimum minimum wage rates are quite similar as their counterparts in Western Europe. However, Americans trail behind the UK (US$ 8.93 per hour) the Switzerland and France (11 US $ per hour) the monthly minimum wage of synths, 800 equals US$ 18.07 time. Americans deserve more, that Eastern Europeans as busy Russia & # 039; equivalent prices s (US) 88 cents one hour. These Nations with the highest minimum wage rates were also charges higher living.African South WagesA us minimum inflated currency combination and low cost of living shows that the American Southern States and the African much less minimum wage than the Americans get: 1 070 pesos per month or only 270 USD earn Argentina. Chile pesos per month or $286 per month is $139,500. South Africa is 1 040 RAND per month or $150 USD.Asian at least WagesAmerican minimum wage rates are at least twice as much as Asian countries, particularly in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Indian 80 rupees per day or $0,23 per hour earn USD. Chinese win 800 Yuan Yuan per month, or time $0.75 USD. Japan is the only Asian country with a rate of about: USD.North American WageCanadians minimum SMIC time 618 yen per hour or $7,59 $9.5 per hour CD translated by $9.21 / hour USD, which is the only rate close to the United States & # 039; see Mexico, the other major countries in SAiQue Northern pays 55 pesos per day or the hour 0.55 U.S. Dollar.

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