Monday, February 7, 2011

The Federal wage garnishment law

Federal Act on the wage garnishment is title III consumer credit Act and can be known under this name. Congress set made this law in practice to more homogeneous bankruptcy laws. ProtectedThis Act applies to every person, wages for personal services including Commission payments, receive bonuses or retirement. It limits the amount of compensation a person who can be garnished during a week-long period.FunctionWage, seizure occurs when a person has retained earnings for the payment of debts by an order of the Court of justice. Be dismissed in accordance with this Act, an individual wage garnishment can disposable income or difference sanctions from his employment because of the garnishment.ProtectionThe must less than the 25% between its earnings potential and 30 times that are subject to minimum hourly wage.PenaltiesEmployers who violate this law. An employee dismissed-General Assistant can be, back wages cannot be refunded or the employer may encounter, all facets of this law apply a fine imprisonment.Laws and EnforcementThe, Minister of labour. When federal and state laws to distinguish the employers should refer to the law in the smallest installation led.

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