Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Employee drug testing policy

United States employees are not always required for drug or alcohol use are tested unless you are employed in certain areas. However, employers have the right to establish a drug-free workplace program and requires that all employees follow existing guidelines. Every employee who follow politics to a workplace of drug testing can be cancelled. The two planned and random drug testing is allowed. PurposeAthletes in Minnesota are required, take drugs policy studies tests.The in workplace drug aims to create a secure environment for all employees. Companies have the right drug testing set up policies and requires that all employees follow the instructions. All States require step for your employees and some tests have it is necessary, if an employee in a certain area. Minnesota requires, for example, that tests for professional athletes and those "sensitive security positions", as drivers of truck or pilots.The work from 1988 do company of air LawLaboratories testing.The drug drug free employer staff for the detection of drugs requires certified be involved; However, employers have the right to test your employees for drugs if you choose. Each Federal Agency decides to test his staff for drugs which in substance abuse and mental health services administration - SAMHSA need to follow rules. National program of certification of the laboratory is responsible to ensure that all laboratories that perform testing of drugs on co-sponsored properly certified.TransportationTruck driver pre sollteo testing of medicinal products to ensure safety policies.Employees in carrier requires work, by Act of Droge, the tests for the safety of yourself, make sure your colleagues and other vehicles on the road. Congress passed this law in 1991 Act tests omnibus transportation employees. The Department of transport (DOT) is required, to drugs and alcohol to anyone working as a school bus driver of truck, rail, air or any other use of transport, as well as those, who work on the pipelines.MROWorkers that positive use of the drug in the transport sector, an interview with an officer (MRO request can) explaining why were the results of tests to test such medical examination. A BRM will determine whether the drugs have medical use in your system. Staff, the positive have sent the way your sample for further analysis to another laboratory but have 72 hours to hear do their first test results. The BRM sends all your employer.RefusalEmployees final test results who refuse to drug tests lose their job.Employers have the right to dismiss an employee if it refuses to pass a drug test after are adequately reported employment policy requires. Drug testing can be done to job interview or randomly while employee's takes the position as long as directive specifies that all employees. Every employee that a declaration of consent be tested characters must follow the guidelines established by the employer. Refusal to do so can lead to the termination of employment.

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