Saturday, January 1, 2011

Law on industrial relations 2008

2008 Industrial relations of Act was by the Majlis E Shoora (Parliament) in Pakistan, to regulate the formation of trade unions and provide a mechanism for employers and employees resolve disputes. ApplicabilityThe 2008 industrial relations law applies to everyone who works in Pakistan, except some government employees, staff emergency services into a State hospital and healthcare facility.Trade UnionsThe 2008 Industrial Relations Act specifically are entitled to workers and employers to associate organised trade unions or to form a Union without prior authorization. The law defined procedures a Trade Union is facing save its existence under Chancellor act.The can the power to decide what charges officially relations Industrial Commission must be certified national industrial relations for the purposes of collective bargaining for each industry.National Board is created by the law. The seven members of the Committee are appointed by the Government. The Commission is responsible for the promotion and the registration of trade unions, resolve litigation and prosecution of criminal offences under the Act.

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