Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rights of foreign workers

The United States have standards to define the rights of workers. Most foreign workers are protected citizens on the same level as the U.S.. Foreign workers with a permanent residence, commonly called a "green card" card have the same protection to work as an American or national civil rights. Holders of visa H - 1B-Arbeitnehmer are hired on a temporary basis or have a large number of the same rights. In many cases, undocumented workers have a number of protected rights. VisasThere types are several opportunities for the citizens of US work legally in the United States. Who keep a green card are entitled by law in any position, work anywhere, USA "Green Cards" are generally good for 10 years and renewable. In some cases companies are a large number of hard to fill positions as the high-tech companies allowed to import workers from other countries. You this visa temporary workers have called an H - 1B-visum. The total number of H-1B visas issued is limited to 75 000. H 1B-visum-Inhaber have the rights of other workers in the United States. Some foreign workers in low wages, in cooperation with no visa unskilled jobs. Although these workers without papers have certain rights you by law, the same way as the documented workers.Rights affected people green card holders are protected and green cards protected by laws are even U.S. citizens and nationals of the work. Green card holders are eligible accident and unemployment insurance. Furthermore, the State laws are Federaldie guaranteed salaries time worked and overtime wages apply. Green card holders have the right (d)en employer at any time to change. Employer way.Rights of affected holders of visas h card green can discriminate not - 1B-Visa-H-1B-Inhaber are protected by most same laws such as the green card holders, U.S. citizens and nationals. Additionally, must employers want to hire an employee with a b-H-1 visa wages of the employee or the pay local applicable or usual reward of the employer for the respective position if it later. Since b H-1 visa status with associated is a technical violation of the H - 1B-visum-Anforderungen employment to a particular undertaking is released. Although some States H-1B offer redundant workers, the majority does unemployment benefits. In some cases, if the visa holder H - 1B for adjustment of status, i.e. files for a green card, some have unemployment benefits can pay. All federal laws against discrimination on grounds of race, religion or national origin H - 1B shall apply for the visa holders.Rights of WorkersThe is rights of undocumented workers are more difficult to define. In General an undocumented worker is entitled to compensation when injured at work. Overtime in accordance with the laws of the State also undocumented workers have the right, the minimum wage and numbers. Two or more workers complain about work conditions have the right into legislation raised the collaborative activity. Undocumented workers can complaints with the Department of work of the American file. The u.s. Department of labor has an agreement should not make workers undocumented workers to authority immigration to the United States .ConclusionMost covered by federal law and the State. The exceptions are for workers without papers where, for example, unemployment insurance is available. Other exceptionsH-1B, where a worker is prohibited in the "guest workers" on the visa the development of employment because the visa with a specific employer is linked. The majority of foreign workers is the green card holders and is protected to the same extent as U.S. citizens and nationals.

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