Saturday, January 8, 2011

Free employee law

Freelancers in 2009, better known as the employee free choice Act, Act is a Bill, April 2010, the review by the U.s. Congress. Its provisions serve to strengthen the power of trade unions in American society and to reduce the power of corporations on the trade union organisation. In addition, it is an attempt to revive the trade union movement in the United States. Bill FeaturesThe is easy. There are first and foremost to organize employees more freedom and join a Trade Union. If a majority of employees want to join a Trade Union, the Union is established and management can not intervene. It forces greater sanctions against employers, fire or otherwise to interfere with, someone who arrange for Union is involved in triple paying for workers fired for Union-related work and maximum $20,000 fine. If a Trade Union and management can reach agreement on a contract within 90 days, the Federal Republic is authorised to accept mediation role service of mediation and arbitration service (FMCS). Its decisions are mandatory for both years.SignificanceThe main issue behind this law is for a generation, the trade union movement to strengthen was dwindling in number has. Obama promised President to sign the Bill, as it is voted, which keeps the Congress.BenefitsThe service employees International Union (SEIU), are unionised over 30% more unionized and not unionised workers have better chances of 67% to have a good benefits package, the organized non-Union employees. Their point of view is that this Bill gives workers a stronger voice in your Affairs will revive the bourgeoisie and cut of the MacHT companies on the employees.EffectsPrimarily predicted effects on the protection of workers, to the FolgeCated in the trade union organization. If passes, management powerless against the Trade Union will be this Bill if a majority of workers has it.WarningThe Heritage Foundation published several warnings concerning the draft law. Firstly, holding, once Isablished, union workers have no choice, as to accompany me. Heritage considers that worker have feelings on mixed unions and not necessarily believe, speak for themselves. In addition, heritage rejects the concept of the Federal Arbitration because it then calls wages and benefits in the hands of federal workers, employers or workers are irresponsible. While employers punished be disturbing, the Organization of work, trade unions will join not punished for workers of Union require. According to heritage tonight instead of support, the rights of workers.

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