Saturday, January 1, 2011

Minimum country difference between the wage &

Many people assumed that a minimum wage rate is available in the United States. In fact, minimum wages at the federal level and the State are defined, and applies to an employee, depends on the location and the type of work. The most striking difference between the minimum wage laws IdentificationThe replaced States federal legislation, is the law of the State, unless state law requires a minimum wage, the higher than the Federal Republic of defined minimum.CoverageThe federal minimum wage, by the Fair Labor Standards Act applies to entrepreneurs, prisoners or voluntary. In addition EDF lowers the minimum wage for certain professions as restaurant wait staff advised. States take evaluation and reporting of employees profession.ConsiderationsAn must pay unsuitable voluntarily to work minimum wage.Additional or State TipsEmployers of the dominant minimum wage for less than the largest federal. If you refuse the staff should contact the Division of hours and pay phone 1-866-4USWAGE - number or send an email.Finding pay State minimum WagesThe Department of labor and hour Division maintains a list of State current pay State minimum.

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