Saturday, January 22, 2011

What is a garnishing order?

A garnishing order is a procedure, where an employer is headed by a court to you set aside a portion of the salary of an employee to the satisfaction of the damages awarded to a creditor. Stop RequiredOnce Court delivers judgment an applicant who was in his civil action for damages against the defendant, the applicant is a judgment creditor.Collecting JudgmentA legally authorized can use judgment creditors of the subsequent procedures, damage awarded to collect. Among other y attached property of the debtor, place a lien on the property, or type your wages.Court ApprovalA judgment creditors first to the Tribunal must apply a garnishing order. If it is approved, must creditors employer.Specific serve debtor Advisory many jurisdictions RequirementsIn, a garnishing order must be approved by the Court of Justice and dissolved.ExemptionsIn served the employer for each per pay period until the order is the most administrations, a percentage that you specify the salaries of the judgment debtor normally 25 per cent of plant are exempt. Social security and disability and social assistance income can be filled.

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