Saturday, January 1, 2011

Immigration and nationality: Definition of a worker from USA

The immigration and nationality (INA) law defined a U.S. worker as someone who is entitled for a job in the United States USA, permanent residents and foreigners with permission to the citizens work, which are considered U.S. workers. INA sets the status of temporary and permanent immigrant workers and contains provisions covering the authorization eligibility and employment for these workers. Foreign workers to work on a type of visa in the United States. Visa ClassificationsA align us work to come to foreign passport with Visa, retrieving certain types of visa. Common visa type H - is 1B-visum - there are issued to people in trade, such as teachers, engineers, programmers, doctors and physiotherapists. Foreigners in skilled trades require the H - 1B-visum, D-1 visas require finding a job ship crew members and H2 - a visas.Labor need agricultural workers CertificationU.S. fixed WorkerEmployers want higher foreign workers must apply for a condition of employment (LCA) application and the State will pay the salaries of migrants a US citizen, provide good working conditions, not take advantage of a strike which threatens to hire foreign workers and show proof that everyone has demonstrated qualified U.S. citizens. This will be achieved through advertising, US citizen for some work granted month.The visas, immigrants a blanket. B H-1 visas are limited to 65 000 and an additional 20,000 U.S. schools.Employment AuthorizationU.S foreigners. Workers professional WorkersAll U.S. need for pRouver their permission to work in the citizens and citizens of the USA must US ID as your birth certificate, passport, Show map voters and social security card. PermanentPeople must demonstrate proof of legal residency licence map of social security and workers vertCard.Other should prove more eligibility to work as a work permit, driver's licenses and social security card. All employees who have not a citizen of the United States authority of United States citizenship and immigration services (USCIS) to work issues. Application form I - 765, a check of $340.00 (from 2010) and the labor certification application must be sent to USCIS. It is always recommended, unnecessary delays.Age avoiding restrictionsU.S use a lawyer when dealing with USCIS. minorU.S. minors aged 14 to 17, apply for a permit for work with the Ministry of labour, only if offered a job to you by an employer. Seniors can also work. Current retirement age is 65, but older people who because no mandatory.BenefitsU.S there after this period should be able to work. OfficeEvery good doctor employers should their employees provide a form no benefits. Benefits vary in General. Certain advantages are required standard U.S. workers, although not obligatory medical insurance worker developed U.S. 401 K and life to buy after so many years. It is imperative that every employer shall examine each worker he crossed the procedure for the job and that each employee must ensure that there, that his labour rights is known.

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