Saturday, January 1, 2011

The labour standards act only Caroline

Fair (EDF) labour standards Act is a federal statute normalize payment a minimum wage, overtime pay and the regulatory work of all workers in North Carolina and South Carolina children. The most works in the two States laws of regulations by the EDF compliance with defined. However, there are clearly for each State law articles. WageThe minimum for who is covered by the doctor minimum wage $7.25 per hour, in both States. Additional payment for over 40 in hours worked a single week a-and-a half normal rate of employees should be hours. Get consulting is paid workers are less than a minimum of $2.13 per hour, total compensation equal to $7.25 per hour if added councils worked.Youth hours bearings distinguish employment standards in each. North Carolina requires a child at the age of 14 years working at less than their parents or farm work. Youth employment certificate (engl) requires indicating the location and type of job the smaller work and must be signed by a parent and the employer youth. Right of the South Carolina helps children of first jobs at the age of 14, but requires only a birth certificate or before driving to work at will StatusBoth view shows which means that an employee at any time may terminate without the employer deal employees with the wish to state that.

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