Saturday, January 1, 2011

New rights granted by the HIPAA privacy rules

1996 Adopted the Congress of the health insurance portability and Accountability Act in an effort to simplify the system of health insurance and guarantee the security of the information on the health of the patient. The privacy rule is one of the components of the law. AccessUnder for information law, are entitled to that people have a copy of your health records to request of your medical insurance or healthcare providers to get. You have added to your health information if necessary.SharingThe requires data protection act, that health insurance and health care providers information about how your medical information people can with other entities together or used and allows the right to refuse the person corrections occur permissions to this share. If the permission is granted, the law also individuals is to report the right shared.RecourseThe Act was when and why your information gives individuals the right of action against their insurance company, health care providers or the Government of the United States, if you believe your health information are denied or is the person's medical information without your consent.Protected InformationAn, of rules data protection with billing records, insurance records and interviews with medical subject insurance LawHealth professionals.Bodies substance and health groups are protected most of the health care provider and health centres information is subject to must respect all the privacy rule and human rights.

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