Sunday, January 16, 2011

Migrant workers family law

Globalization leads to movement capital and goods between international borders, but also for workers seeking a better life. This international movement of people occurs because low wages many jobs in the developed countries do not want to perform their local workers. ProblemDeveloping countries have their labour markets more flexible make deregulated. This has facilitated exploit migrant workers, in particular in the "black economy". TreatiesThere international are two international treaty that monitored by the international organization of work of the United Nations. They are conventions of 1949 (C97) 97 on migration for employment and the 143 (C143) Convention on migration abusive conditions and the promotion of equal opportunities and treatment of migrants to Workers.Equal TreatmentC97 for the entire journey of a migrant worker to give a country back in their country of origin. It requires migrant workers are addressed in issues such as trade unions, collective bargaining, working conditions, social security and employment control was .Anti SmugglingC143 to issues such as trafficking in human beings and smuggling of migrants, called "illegal migration" by the Treaty.

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