Monday, January 3, 2011

What are the legal rights of workers interim?

Many workers find employment in positions, intermediate or "temporary". In some cases, the rights of temporary agency workers are similar to those of full-time. In other cases are not. Knowing you can protect the differences from undesirable situations. Currently Framethe, length of time in a temp to a particular job was not legally implies increased security. Even if you are an employer of the year, no formal contract was probably created. This means that they can be shared without consequences for the employer. Their rights to a position more clearly defined in the agreement it signed between the employer and your temp agency.DiscriminationWhen discrimination, interim or temporary workers have exactly the same rights as employees full-time. This applies to all categories of race, gender, ethnicity and language skills. All workers should be aware, that their employers and organizations that you use as guilty discriminatory used.SignificanceSome his employer should use the situation of temporary workers. They have links to other employees, fell to familiar with the culture and policies and may not be aware, the restrictions on employers in their treatment. Information about your rights is important to productivity, potential and security of your Act ensure.

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