Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rights of workers of Washington

Their rights as workers in the State of Washington, are applied by the Washington State Department of labor and industries (L &). This section regulates employment in the State, including wages, hours and benefits laws. Discrimination cases are managed by the Washington State Human Rights Commission. WagesThe in Washington State minimum wage is $8.55 per hour in 2010. All adult workers must be paid at least the wage. Minimum wage to inflation to the urban consumer price index for wage earners and employees (CPI - W) is an initiative approved by voters in 1998. A teenager employees are entitled, 85% of the time and a half, compensation or wage.OvertimeOvertime, minimum is required for most of the staff to work more than 40 hours over a period of 7 days. Days as of the beginning and the end of each week and are not legally required, but must conform to a given job. A number of exceptions existence of the request for additional hours, including most employees with executive functions in order given seller and farm and Ranch workers.Hours and SchedulesAs a worker, have no right to the tip schedule change notice. Companies can change at any time and for any reason your schedule. You have compensated the right for "Show-Up Pays" - i.e. If you come on site and no work is available. As a rule, you are entitled at any time, you pay are somewhere required by your employer or be immediately available. This includes the number of uniforms that work are entitled education and meetings.Breaks MealsWhile on-demand, one paid temPS 10 minute 4 working hours by all pause. This period may or may not be shared, such as a number of5 Minute breaks. After 5 hours of work are entitled to a 30-minute meal break. This break must start less than 2 hours or more than 5 hours in a train. This error is not required to pay, be sure to call or during your break.BenefitsAs of meal an employee you not sick, paid vacation or any other leave.As a parent of a newborn child entitled for work must be available holiday without pay you 12 weeks are entitled if your employer has more than 50 employees and worked for the employer for more than 12 months. Women have the right to leave additional disability during pregnancy, with exemptions for companies with less than 8 employees and non profit religious employers.DiscriminationYou protection against discrimination than workers in Washington State are entitled. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination against workers on the basis of "Race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), or national origin." This means "Discrimination in hiring, promotion, discharge, compensation, benefits, training, classification, references, and other aspects of employment". Age and disability discrimination are also prohibited. Complaints can be filed with the Washington State Human Rights Commission (800-233-3247). An employer can retaliation for filing a complaint against you.

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