Saturday, January 1, 2011

World labour law

Seeks to prevent more than 100 years and growing international labour abuses and discrimination of workers and universal standards of freedom of Association and collective bargaining. The most important world of labour is responsible for the International Labour Organization. Purpose of the original work LawThe was argument in favour of international labour law to prevent international competition to the detriment of workers. Companies where the hand of work cheaper, it is important to prevent the abuse of workers, particularly women and children move increased globalisation of production to countries in the light of today with the West. Establishment of ethics standards for workers, and farmers are main objectives of law.HistoryMoves International today international labour standards work started at of the 19th beginning century in Europe, but it is only at end of the 19th century International Conference was convened in the Switzerland, discuss labour standards. The International Labour Organization was created in 1919 in the Treaty of Versailles that ended world war. The United States became a member of 1934.International OrganizationInternational work, labour law is primarily the work of the ILO. The company produces two types of agreements - conventions and recommendations. Conventions are legally binding for all Member States, while the recommendations are not. Fundamental Conventions of the labour market include freedom of Association, collective bargaining, the abolition of forced labour, discrimination, equal pay and age.

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