Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rights & employee drug testing requirements

Some employers require employees to take a drug test before the employee is set, or after an employee was hired and work with the company. If an employee drug test fails, employers who refuse to opportunity, employment, an employee of the fire or addiction treatment suggest. An employee has an obligation to maintain a drug-free work environment. Prescription medications which legally can a medical authority prescribed not lead, that an employee be terminated. TerminationFailing drug test allows the employer to fire to stop or refuse to rent an employee to a position. 1988 Drug free workplace law sets, firmly certain federal and certain laws that you require or encourage is failed, replaced an employer give workers drug of screening drug to completed or being drawn test status. For example, an employer may recommend certain types of substance abuse treatment centres of its employees instead of fraud on the ground can follow. An employee may be prohibited to perform security-related functions, to the treatment, it is concluded, but the employee has the right, his job.Submitting TestAn must keep drug submit a sample for a drug test if by the employer on the site of the work or the work of the doctor, local clinic or drug testing laboratory required. Saliva, blood or urine hair could be submitted to the test by the employee. If you submit a sample, an employee can be changes of clothes in a dress and hospital where tests will take place. The employee has the right to privacy when you submit a urine sample. So that employees fo urine sample room offer youWater can have disabled so that employees urine specimen.Random drug TestAn not employers the right dilution can who ask random drug testing in an employee. The employer must be careful, not discriminate when receiving the drugs test. An employer may be different to the employee's eyes, educational experience or any other characteristic behavior. All employees and applicants should be treated as if chosen for a random drug test. An employee has the obligation to introduce drug testing if a medicinal product TestIf chosen.Right dispute resolution a staff member is tests positive for drugs, he has the right, the results challenge. The test could have taken prescription employees at the time took the drug test was applied. If the other tests show that the staff had prescription drugs in his system and employee's takes order for medical reasons, the employee can contact the Tribunal for failing to a test.Obligation to keep drug has thrown work drug FreeAn employees requiring without stay drugs in the workplace. Someone is at risk, as also colleagues or customers. If an employee got sick at work, it the right of the worker's compensation and other benefits. But the test shows that the employee under the influence of a drug which was illegal substance to manage tests, the employer has the right to refuse the remuneration of the worker or another advantage.

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