Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How a medical transcriptionist for HIPAA affected?

Dictation of health professionals of type Medical transcriptionists (MTs). This you maintain the privacy and security information about patients after legislation, adopted laid down and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the health insurance portability by Congress in 1996. Section privacy PrivacyThe controls who has access to the information to identify the patient. It limits the authority of: 1) who directly into the care of the patient; (2) those who are paying for the follow-up of the patient to coordinate; (and 3) those where the patient provided direct access to information.SecurityThe patient safety section consent statute versions, such as electronic health record must be protected, i.e. protection of password of medical databases and to ensure that the information on the screen of the MT invisible unauthorized viewing.MTsMTs are affected, because in the category of third fall using the information.EnforcementIf medical Mt violating HIPAA illegal information about patients, discussion for unauthorized or protect access does to your workstations, so that information is not publicly visible, you may be subject to complaint, termination or prosecution.

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