Saturday, January 8, 2011

Florida employment law

As with all all other 49 States, Florida, a series of laws, which has the setting employs interviews, and dismissal of employees. Factoring in these rules is the principles concerning discrimination, harassment, benefits and security. An employer who violates the rights of its employees can expect prosecuted and sentenced to a fine or in very severe cases, be imprisoned. HiringAn can rent employer he wants, but its decisions must rely on the applicant's ability to do the job and not on personal opinions or judgments. The applicant's rights were violated, is denied employment based on age, race, sex, religion, nationality or disability.InterviewsWhile can a potential employer on issues relating to the history of the applicant questions are experience and education, questions about the life of the interviewed off limits. Children, marital status, sexual orientation, previous arrests usually affect the possibility that perform the work in question potential and should be included in the conversation. However, the belief that work eligibility to legally and everything that the person completing the job requirements could withstand another story are. When it concerns employment, it is a valid question.Policy NotificationWorkers in Florida are as previously used to be, and it is difficult to overcome the presumption in the case of a contract that defines the requirements and guidelines of the position. Another option for employers, employee policies to inform and workplace for employees know their rights at work and your expectations and rules is a guide for employees. At leastthe employee handbook s, explains the concept d ' employment is a statement of equal opportunities, harassment policies and rules of the Internet and communication address family medical leave include Act.Safety HarassmentAt, State and federal levels to protect laws Empquestions of workplace dangerous and harmful. Florida, anonymous complaints against an employer on the security of the job can be submitted, to identified for the protection of workers. If a worker is injured worker's compensation is paid according to the level of disability and how long it will take. Two-thirds of your salary will be paid on the total permanent disability. Those temporarily totally disabled also two thirds are paid only your weekly income but for 104 weeks. Disability and other orders partial disability rates. Unwanted sexual advances drive and comments, in addition to the proposal by benefits in exchange for sexual acts or a hostile work environment, which all fall of sexual harassment in the category lead. Employees are protected by the law of such situations but combinations of harassment are complex and with an attorney.Wrongful TerminationJust companies in Florida are forbidden to refuse candidates who rent based on age, sex, race, religion, nationality and disability should be discussed the employer can terminate an employee for all these reasons. When it comes to other illegal reasons, pregnancy and refusal to commit illegal acts include termination of employment. Employees are protected against the case, where an employer can fire, retaliation against a claim or adapted without company or not for some reasont as grounds for breach of a Treaty procedure declared.

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