Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ukraine labour law

Index is "relatively rigid" 2010 freedom of economic heritage Foundation Ukraine labour legislation. Conditions of employment in general are the labour market in the country outlines established in the Soviet era in the code. Democracy advocates argue, that the labour code includes aspects need Socialist updated are the Ukraine reflect political and economic climate. Work and employment laws Lawton Ukraine Ukraine work are set out in the Constitution of the Ukraine and work the code of the Ukraine. , How as local administrators the authority issuing the production company labour laws laws have the Ministry of labour and its officials fuller details of work and employment in Ukraine labour code. The code was adopted in 1971, in the period of Leonid Brezhnev to Soviet rule. Although the code has not much changed since its inception, the Ukrainian Government has approved additional laws such as the remuneration of the labour code. Some industry experts argue that the labour code is that continue to obsolete an other Soviet heritage, pest Ukraine.Labor HoursGenerally week 40 hours exceed. Employees work a 40 hour week for five days. Although six days a week can employees, it cannot work more than seven hours since a day.Under code, workers between 16 and 18 years may not work more than 36 hours per week. This Regulation shall apply "harmful" working conditions for workers. The labour code has severely restricted and overtime work for Ukraine regulates employees. An employee can operate as 120 hours over a period of one year. If an employee working hours of zusätzlicheder employers must double numbers rate.Employees calendar as paid holidays have at least 24 days. In addition to these are paid employees 10 days vacation work on one official in the Ukraine Orthodox Christmas and Independence Day.Minimum WageAn Ukraine salary agreed between the employer and the employee is not allowed. The minimum wage in the Ukraine there are strict laws. Under the labour law, employers can not provide nothing less than minimum wages regardless of the age of the employee and the type of work. The Ukraine minimum wage laws contrary to the laws of the U.S. minimum wage not dictated an hourly rate. The minimum wage dictated a monthly salary. The website of the Federation of European employers was noisy 1, April, 2010, minimum wage 884 Hryvnias per month. The minimum wage has been increased in July, October and December 2010. The employee must be paid his salary twice per month, with intervals of more than days.Business 16 DiscriminationAccording prices WaterhouseCoopers Ukraine Constitution and the Labour Code prohibits discrimination in the workplace. The Act on equal rights and opportunities prohibits racial, ethnic, religious, political and economic orientation. However, the defence of human rights organization argued human rights watch that the law not strictly lead to inequality in the workplace enforcement systems. Public and private employers continue to specify that you discriminate men in the workplace rather says group and based on age and appearance. Human rights watch that are women forced to find low-paid employment. End of the day, Ukraine involved 2010 women business ClimateAccording unemployment.Ukraine index of economic freedom in the year, the Ukrainian economy is mehr162nd-free in the index. She took 43 of 43 countries in the region. The Ukraine limited the FAEability of an entrepreneur starting a business and its corrupt government and of Justice rules make it hard for employees to bring cases before the Court.

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