Tuesday, January 11, 2011

On family medical leave

Family and Act allow health plans to protect of employment if anyone needs time off from his job with family responsibilities or medical reasons deal take. This article explores the family health act review rights and obligations of employers and workers leave and deals with the application of the law. If the family and the AppliesUnder medical act according to family and health took the 2008 leave drop an employer who act under the law until at 12 weeks, an employee in certain circumstances shall forward the unpaid leave. These conditions include the birth or adoption of a child care to an immediate family member who is seriously ill, or when the employee is seriously ill.The rights and responsibilities EmployerPursuant family and medical leave Act, the employer must open position, back sound and the employee in this position. However if this is not possible, the employer is allowed to an appropriate location at the same rate numbers continue the same number of hours and other conditions of employment of the employee. Moreover, the employer must continue by the employee medical services, if the employee wishes to. However, the employee must provide the payment of the share services, necessary.Employee EligibilityOnly "eligible" employee action can receive the benefit of family and medical leave. The law defines as be "eligible" employee, the employee has worked for the employer for at least 12 months and logged at least 1,250 hours of work. Furthermore, considers as "eligible" for which the Act only if the employer 50 or more employees 75 kilometres from workplace.Employee ResponsibiltiesIn receive family benefits busy undMedizinische leave Act, the employee must carry out certain tasks, adhere to the provisions of the Act. First when an event is foreseeable demand that leave an employee, the employee must provide at least 30 days for advertisement. In addition the employee can have on request by the employer, to provide, a medical certificate from his doctor medical leaving the family needed. In addition, an employer may require that evidence that the employee is fit to return work if that rely on the issues.Enforcement actin event employees based health employee believes an employer against the family and medical leave act has violated filed a complaint with the Ministry of work of the United States. The Ministry of work to investigate and have the complaint. Also, an employee could a civil suit against the employer for infringement of the employer to comply with the terms and conditions for the family and medical leave act assert.

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