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How will the compensation work safely kill not you! (Act now before you too late.)

User submitted ArticleEPISODE I - before start and agreement: average earnings for workers the WORKER is injured? Scare introduction - WC (shortcode) some questions can for his series of articles people? Not. Maybe I'm an attorney in the hope, will allow the treat me in your case or perhaps try a doctor for patients to fish? Nope.Maybe, I a smart seller to send money from doctors, patients? Technical win this Nope.Consider manual, I hope your case.I survived hell workers comp. Not all to your doctor and your lawyer can rely. I have many people love and pleasant, that now seen a: clinical madness of Brinks, suicide and homelessness. These people are your friends, spouse, children, neighbours, uncles, aunts and grandparents! Are real people in real bad situation.I know what I'm talking about because I was there.Now person "I" is either the injured worker or knows someone who is injured. I mean, a blue sky or a strawberry box, or a person who want on social security, the rest of your life life. I talk to workers who want to provide for themselves and their families. Men and women want crushed your dreams to reach and see, their children, their dreams (as for a better and more prosperous living) to reach .Malheureusement, bone (s), broken; Hard drives missed throats, feet, hands, the branches; Numbness in the legs, arms, hands, feet or other places; Head injuries or other physical problems by a slip and fall. Boxes or pallets, caused a drop in travel or an employee; declined or maybe someone is a vehicle, hand cart, the cart golf or overdue off the coast of a Chair, you assist while at work. Regardless of whether the trigger event was - block sudden and unexpected for that person to live your life as expected? The picture.Well to get if you read this, I can imagine or damage caused by an accident, all that precedes or know that someone Quia. Let me warn you now: you hurt change depending on life (and the life course) for injured people. Maybe soon (maybe?) see swept already comparable with this girl by a tornado with his entire House, living surface are away. The injured person (you?) Members of the family, friends, pets and goods; Enemies and been easy know poster in a war of the remuneration of work zone called. Therefore, if this person "" it is [or you fear that you could be] out the mattress you games face to stay in the area to get and keep in mind: no matter what you think of the following: 1. your boss. 2. Your friends at work; (3) The company work; 4. Title work you have); 5. Your know-how. OR6. What did you do the work and however long you... Protect health is now your new job. You take over and around a square. ... The game is whether YoDifficulty: ChallengingInstructionsThings'll must: this specific article aims towards work AccidentsMany eds. Principles here can not work injuries SituationI seront write a separate article series on other accident INJURIE file-ClaimA of a good and honest worker's compensation Dr. lawyer if your condition is longer than two weeks and paid money Ywa lawyer fail your employer insurance send money.A if your using force is lawyer be useful (gold (subtlety) you back to work against your) doctor WishesPatienceA human support and a phone, home fax and computer SystemAccess positive Attitude affirmative PeoplePerseveranceA doctor (more finally) desires for total HealingAdjustments lifestyle, healthy eating (very healthy) limited spirit gold SmokingSleepThis article SeriesA comfortable ChairYellow pages or phone BookSomeone to type letters for you if you can not; 1GET GOING - NOW! Once a person in a workers comp accident is involved, do not be fooled: entered a legal complaint. PASentre and your boss... AON, most people think it... It is not true. The trial is between you and your employer insurance to the employer of the company. Your employer how you will be interviewed by the insurance company (AKA of the carrier.) Therefore I imagine rule # 1 - the incident 2WHO I say report now...? do not expect or lead your conversation. not your job complete or complete the day work. Not say its too long report the problem (if you can not exceeding 2 years a Tylenol take and read them for future use) not will I say a couple of hours. Not clean on foot or wondering what to say? It's really easy. What is your partner work (how many witnesses you) an employee or innocent Viewer or bird tree _get idea? Say someone hurt are and need help! Say someone to say that you are injured and had an accident. RULE # 2 – get the names of the witnesses - to not disturb people on issues to be a witness. Instead, mental note, who saw what happened. Contribution to the problem, who was with you, if you said... etc.. An accident report fill you company and request a copy of the photo of all witnesses and supervisory authorities on first duty. 3SEEKING internships d'm signed HELPI so sorry if you thought it was a single source for assistance. You will see sites that say, "only one of these forms and the other of these forms and the others these forms to fill and call here and there... etc." someone is tokens for the first time in your life; like the chess or checkers and then tell you that you are automatically played like champions. This is not a simple three step process. It is very difficult. W/C case can destroy a person forever. You must clearly understand your own very unique situation.RULE # 3 – no two cases immediately created are! You must go to the doctor and find out, friends step, hear what not hear the problem with "You!" Relreprésentants and Uncle Bill has an accident stories of other people of the housemates friend work your best friends and went straight back to work. "" I was in 2004 even workers comp system so far 2009. These cases will continue for many years. Why? As a result of the injuries are real and serious, do not go away. You have inspired by someone that had already beaten the system on your own not. It is not easy. not going more quickly and never "always" as planned. One of the factors I have successful examples, heard immediately before measures taken (as I describe here) and when the injured worker your injury 4WHAT contains really inaccurate you really are? make sure that you clearly understand your own personal circumstances not join please, draw your own conclusions. Let us practice: "I am wounded." "I had an accident." "I need to go to the doctor." "I know, what's the problem with me." "I know this is something that hurts and I think not normal." Good. This is occurs and short everything you know DevEZ the minute the accident then.Keep in mind the doctor, the school to go for years, and have just still not imagine it. So more that "I believe that something is wrong with me?" make an appointment with your family DOCTOR.Family doctors in rule # 4 - know who you are, injury will not process compensation work. Believe me, when I say "don't waste your time y" W/C doctors are half Attorney; Medical practitioners half half and friend. Yes, I know that not added, but for many years, you can be confused about your relationship with doctor of your WORKER's compensation. Some days it will be similar to the friend you have in the world! 5FIND a doctor who can really help the yellow pages are good starting point. Find doctors, the proximity to your appointments home and for the assessment, are so much we hope as you can - that on the same day. All information about your accident be prepared can earn, all copies of the reports, papers etc. work. It is preferable to wait on the official report cases the work is by post with compensation, a #, but not always necessary. In addition, doctors can try to feel how ask other doctors - you might not think that it. You can make case so risky your sound and you like like an idiot - because you are not pressed favor accept offer you because you - accept as their patients - therefore, who believe either. Don't sign up with anyone until you are very satisfied with this doctor and Office. This is your primary doctor and will be known as the doctor. It is the doctor who takes your case set, for many years will result in your case. After signing with denTTE person, it may require an act of Congress change if you frozen soft a snowflake or fish. This doctor is business go too far from home (~ 30 mailing)(s) or share a patient on its own – you are stuck with the doctor for a long, long time. Then choose a good! (Learn more about this episode 2 later)Rule # 5 - see your own WORKER's compensation insurance carrier DOCTOR6VISITING doctor (doctor of your company) who tried the employer insurance, the voice of patients say something stupid - record you tend bait that in bulk and free conversation not purpose fooled. "Get someone to answer the phone for you at any time." Call back if appropriate - stay in the control. You are not "sincere", but sensitive people - are as fool a snake. They are rude and you get angry if they are caught. Have the opportunities, visit the appointment – it's very bad don't, but there are ways to block these dates if necessary. (Learn more about this episode 2 later)These dates say very little. Be very general feelings and less specific early stages of the insurance company doctor visits. At the beginning it is right to say: "just what now!" and also angry. or "This is where I fell" - pointing to the point of injury. But this is only a honeymoon period. It is difficult to be general instructions finally get a whole new vocabulary. Move the carrier's doctor's Office very slowly, carefully and deliberately. Some of these vipers of things on the ground to see if you will look. Others have the nurse bang your neck at the door, so that you bring you or your feet - quote passed your reactions of Surpries as evidence to prove that you are injured in any way. This is not only the most injuries take time to blows down before wirklich restrict certain moves to the injured person. These doctors know to try this true and leverage at the beginning of the comments that you can use against you in the future to be. (Learn more about this episode 2 later)You should be careful short, his visit to these doctors as a cat, which is also Dim existent; Visit a garden full dogs sleep and drink milk. If you fear, anxiety or gets nervous, it's freezing like a Possum - instead jump from 10 feet in the air to land on his feet. You must be very careful. Most of this slippery eels is not friendly person, and worry a little. Some are good and fair. but not assume that you have quickly.RULE # 6 - suspect any doctor who remain only Office automatically "calls ON THE PHONE" and acts is also YOU. 7YOU are started hosting plan the START VS you, same KNOWINGYou, your body, your life, and everything, what has the world participate in your condition.Whether you think the or not. Adoption or not - the war is on. The battle is serious. Person only cares whether the soldier chooses not to fight. Only makes the war earlier and costs less money for the powers and the big money. Try to keep cool.This is a bad. The injured person might cost what you worked already throughout your entire life. Occurs when a violation is serious, the employee may even wish you were dead. THIS IS NORMAL! Why? I'm talking about people who are really hurt something is really wrong and you know that, if you continue to sollteArbeiten in your job - it can mean that bad injury likely to occur. Lose many actually at the end so powerless and everything. before you upgrade. But have you in this article with you! Then he streBen and press! There are many jobs for you here. Read calls are a large part of your new job, "Getting Better." Have used it. Also written! If "You" are injured or maybe an injured person in an accident at work (or any where elsewhere know) this article can save the life of a person - perhaps even your own. For the moment, the injured person must address: some realities and is worker can be defined for all most difficult you. Their health and physical well-being are an emotional roller coaster. There are good and bad days and better days. RULE is # 7 - you can't win, unless you understand that you AT STAKE. 8WHAT really matter to me? Oh yes, it should answer this question honestly. Depending on the manner that a person was injured, the depth of the wound, level and duration of this Verletzungen-is it several different answers to a question. You must understand that all actors in this dark game of life in the interest of you have resources. Not forgetting your health and ability to remain a future provider for your family. Regardless of party, money, that is the good things in life? Are things fair race, long working hours and transport the battles any merit the fight? Any reason to return and employment remain at first, go double shift work and toil of animals is due to the good times, we may share with our families and our friends. It attack eskämpfen to tickle get with your kids t and! He leads the heavy bags for food with your children, climbing on the back. Caress its leaning on kiss you spouse, your children and you cat or dog? Pick it up coin just off the coast of a person's head fell a hat on the floor or get, flog because it produces to land will have at your feet - not stare at you strangely, because you look so young and will not be able to bend down to catch - made look like a jerk first; How get on your knees to pray? They are all much more important things in life. Those "things" are the reason why we do jobs for money. However, without these things in our lives make very easy to forget a job there. Why? Because jobs with money are connected and not buy the money your health can only heal and this is no guarantee of 100% recovery. After all, terrestrial doctors can so much to do. For some things is healing in a store or a bottle. You are in the fight for your life. But thank goodness, all these things are still. The lives of those you will love and things in life are still with you, enjoy more life of fighting.Welcome want to fight worldwide with injuries 9YOU and you can win your PERCEPTIONSRULE # 8 - not, unless, you understand that you are living. 1 BATTLEFIELD. You will learn how to you contracts is people in your life on the edge of the refund; 2 People you know will show whether you are really a "friend"; 3. You can now get to know some very good that you were never spoken before you hurt. 4 Vouns feel nickel-dime had people pay to do things, are not in the position, enjoy change climbing a load or step ladder, a light bulb or take your trash on the curve of each week. 5. As a result, people know and eventually will respond to your most important natural and mysterious person in front of you. Why? You may try no longer Somneone you to impress. You show who you are you. It isNo pretty site.Therefore for many shock prepare. Hold no grudge against those who decided, walking distance. Most people are not cut out the war. I personally think that total chaos erupts, I know that many people make. When we finished here, and you are at the end of case (hopefully by winner) can consider yourself an experienced - warriors, the survivors comp jungle. 10UNDERSTANDING workers compensation JUNGLERULE # 9 - you can't win unless you understand the workers,. Who are you calling workers comp FIGHTINGWhat mean a jungle? Well, I mean that. In the remuneration system, there are all kinds of wild animals examples in mentioned a case of compensation firsthand Unflod noticed and before row.There examples but so far, I write on: snakes, LIONS, elephants, SHARKS, JELLY FISH, scorpions and comp (the WASPS.Worker WC) are insurance insurance companies who are here, to help a company does not lose his shorts if someone gets hurt during the work. Sometimes, an injured worker decided the company for what he track! This is a big problem. Try to fake her injuries and workers to learn corporations, such as a huge packs together, keeping workers a narrative shake dog situation. Remuneration of the worker is really a good thing and offer service for injured workers determined. Unfortunately, not all people in the industry are ethical or good. 11ELEPHANTS jungle. These animals are located, where always employees, carrying out their work. You are the employer. What are business travel in packs. They are large groups of large groups of people. They include: families and individuals. Sell products and services, we all want and need.You agglutinate stay of Alinis. Driving our economy, jobs, money, products and services give people, and we hope that enough money to maintain the course of the cycle. Without you it would be only two or three pairs of shoes to choose, a producer of milk or orange juice drink and we want shirts and pants.Therefore all the same color to protect livelihoods and to ensure that you rent your future to wear, to evaluate insurance (carrier) of all workplace injuries. These carriers to decide how numbers, medical treatment or by pressing the injured worker with every accident "probably" work (institution still believe faked the workers.) Type Scorpions. 12SCORPIONS IN the JUNGLE in this jungle are carrying animals called Scorpion-like insurance. Scorpions tend to their prey brutally to bite and be very deadly. You are the type of insects holding sting and would like to return. You must absolutely crush to stop the destructive rage. They care little about how sick, injured, impotence or ignorant. Given the right circumstances, bite victims while the awake or sleep. LagsDaher must stay on your toes, alerts and keep their acute head injured workers. Why I suggest that change mind 13WASPS in the jungle of carriers are Matt. with wasps in their ranks low intake of alcohol or other substances. Like wasps, boost, is their victims lay eggs in their and wait for the larvae hatch within the unsuspecting victims. The stunned victims is so unclear situation currently where you see what happens, you are consumed by larvae implanted outside inside. Way! I know, but it is a good example. You see, carriers handling cases of toilet to verserve a life - every day! (1) Won a right to medical insurance or 2) off the coast of work and performance to pay 3) overall healing. While I was offshore at work, my employer has to pay higher premiums for all other employees still work - nose because my case was to earn much. Tried again to work to save money. If you did, it would also easier for me to put an end to and then could stop my case. Did you know how my new restarted case would have been almost impossible. Did you know that I have it, not - almost worked. Meanwhile in a daze pain and agony, lack of sleep and poverty, I must still in communication with people I trust remain (my fabulous and excellent doctor) and it took these guys in the file. Utun you good team, he and I! Otherwise, the carrier would patients stupid mistakes, missing better decision making and implementation make your larvae in your case for compensation. And then one day you wake up, go to the mailbox and realize your doctor is not more is up to you, your case is cold - help person more or worst of all: as the heart larvae die with hunger injected poor unsuspecting insect... your money feel dead also stopped.Your and desperate - check mate. 14SNAKES jungle under these beasts in the system are doctors from which the money will lose your precious time. There is nothing more that the revolving doors of doctors do anything the patient to help. These doctors say new patients in the world - whatever you want, the first Einreis(e) in the district to hear. The patient as a bad habit and then move the minute the employers insurance company refuses to pay a medical bill. These doctors have no back bone. They are like jelly fish. She want easy cases where someone's leg is stopped by a piece of meat and Ray X is not required, to see that the patient will win your case. Hope you get never better. Others hope that you like all new patient - wait countless others who come in the door more that you can still get; Big Dick delusional are checks in the mail not communicate well and ignorant of the workers ' compensation system. These individuals, unfortunately, will disappear soon at the end of their employment, probably in the next few months to a violation report and then from the view. But, before visited several Office for handling the conversations and the massages Zahlen(i)? weren't from patient name and guess quo You are not better than the day that first of all, they came with this doctor. There are many types of snakes from around the world. So far we have discussed those, which are not really toxic - but you bite all same. 15COBRAS JUNGLEAgain, I am referring doctors. These are people with College of degrees medical expertise, capacities and removing oath sworn to help people who are not good. Lies, scams, spoof. Have somewhere on the road, was seduced by the dark side. Their soul sold the hell these men and women. Work for insurance companies often little trained in the areas of specialty chemicals, no real step patients or only patients who were sent to you are your own practice to accept by the insurance carrier. The appointments office visit include no real treatment received. The visit can generally onlytake a few minutes and hundreds of dollars. The conversation is hot and compassion. But after one month time, report of the doctor of the carrier arrives. Read your words and feel the poisonous claws slip in your leg and the venomous sting to feel your words and phrases. The patient, liars and cheaters - fancy words primarily gets it. He says that the pain is only, that no restriction on the ability of that person to their normal work, statements about the State of health of the patient while actual X-ray results ignore it perform and reduce medical case reports in this Inaccuratparaison illustrating this patient completely healthy. False. All fake. I know that I have seen many reports that have me him or you named in my reports – I'm a man. Why doctors man c is FürIKE a "You" or "You" instead of a "he" or "him" as mentioned above, are these reports written, ready to sign and placed by mail until the patient by a doctor insurance is never seen. You expect that get the patient as a technical detail. These doctors are simply hack jobs in a white coat - no longer a real doctor actors you see on a commercial drug. If you fall victim to these guys, medical or silver gets denied. Give the sharks. Things can change quickly. Fortunately, have the last word... is by your doctor. (More on that later in the episode 2) 16THE land SHARKS IN THE JUNGLEAttorneys hope that you will win money you, because in the case of accidents and in many States, it is paid only these lawyers. Finally, let your earnings so that you get a piece of any lump sum you receive. Earn or pay nothing is the rule. Get also weekly payments of cash, ifmore charges not covered by the lump sum of any remaining balance of the lawyer is required numbers. (Typically Tribunal on WORKER's compensation solves % advocate lump-sum settlement.) Therefore, it is not subject to this % lump sum award, lawyers of future offshore work pays per checks of the injured worker. This is only a simple image of, what role the public prosecutor, the life of an injured worker. Just go to money. Doctors are the responsibility of the fight for treatment. Lawyers use to claim the money, but no support for medical treatment and reporting. There is nothing so far wrong with him. If injured workers in Office of a lawyer as doctors jelly fish, walks want one you typically cases single compartment - the plupart.Ils fall too many patients but not much. There are certainly many more good. But as doctors, you should interview until satisfied 17WORDS select wisdom - your team of doctors and LawyersChoose your good players (if doctor or lawyer.) If your lawyer send a fax or call to phone see whats or even to ask directions to your Office, you can call/fax document and send the Bill to the compensation per year (which automatically approve these charges.) Guess what this means for everyone, and if you phone and wait – kept you have paid operation. Pay only to find the graphic that say you and your lawyer in a session or a s Office is - at any time for free. You will eventually be more than your money of $$$ you already get paid. No errors, I think you should help you get paid every penny you earn. But it must really know what their attractiveness and isn't. So much wasted time and money by injured workers ausgegeBen, which bother your lawyer to - from the wrong reasons. There are enough good counsel and those that are not free to give reasons. Then why call the lawyer with juicy if you can not help you or you agree to, can you free talk for the time spending about things, nothing do nothing? Ignorance costs money. These lawyers handle too often. Once again, as doctors jelly fish, you remain enough to see how the case will be difficult. If it seems complicated or some famous doctors, insurance get you assigned, loop you faster than a school in the locker room girls young caught! You accuse he forget someone else, alleDiese sweet words that you you said everything by trying your case; bring lean pants and you have to find someone new. If the case is already underway, simply delete write a little warm Dear John. Doctors make too.This is not good. Sometimes Tropplusieurs times for patients. This is especially bad because to treat an injured employee in the court room, doctors or lawyers are tend to be more difficult than workers able, time to avoid many changes on your primary physician and lawyer. You are more common than step. Are professionals in the system and injured workers are blind also committed your trust. Have no heart, to combat any stomach are not courageous... loose and not courage are people. I would also mention some patients are difficult, LION represent entry! 18THE LION is King of the # 10 - JUNGLERULE you can't win unless you understand. WHO is really on your site and are many predators in the jungle DOINGThere able workers compensation, but none is s a fierce as mighty lion. There are doctors, doctors, lawyers, legal secretaries and their assistpatients, who have exhausted! You are loyal to invoke is. Love a snarling right nasty fight! These people are aware of any changes and techniques to use, that these dishonest carriers and the nepotism is the employer, you rent splash in your skin. These professionals are accurate. You can help beat the fear in the system and are constantly under pressure from the company. You are sometimes caused work for free if payments for their services and resources in a State ConstaNT of settling disputes, delay or rejection by the carrier. Nevertheless, these people are and LIONS. You are not the kind of support. You are brave. Keep their promises, are honest, say if you will or will not calculate for something (white, you can still no fee for all). They keep the carrier on the toes, money regularly flowing to the injured employees and are not easily fooled. To find such a team member takes several interviews with several doctors and lawyers. It is certainly worth the effort and gasoline. We hope, will produce another ré It is one of the best ways to select team build - and get covered in the other. (2 for 1 process) Is another way to speak, who won a case with someone? Learn you more else you have visited on everyone. Why? Because most bonds know agglutinate and each other. Share offices and friends from around the world. Lion travel in packs to. Therefore, a good doctor and a lawyer be many resources, moves help relax and plan your next. It is very important for planning. You can only happen in a W / C without first knowing, which is possible and turns and turns. This way you answers alreadyhave planned 19This is just the beginning of the first process in a matter of remuneration of workers. However, if I ever write another column, the consequences, there is to win enough information here to change course from your case to opportunities! I write episode two two of next week, so please read my blog and me questions. In this way I responses into two episode as much as possible, be. If your case is maturity or new... or don't need SavoIR comes in my mind. You'll be eternally grateful. Is really hard to drive it and this information is absolutely free. Therefore I hope that I helped.

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