Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rights of pregnant mothers

According to the supporters of birth connection it has serious problems with the maternity and treatment care the United States. Because of these problems, some rights were developed so that pregnant women could have fair pregnancy is for yourself and for your advantage fetuses. SettingWomen have to select the right birth, birth has its impact on those who received him with the according to the information in terms of costs, benefits and risks.Care Provider Optionsagenerate pregnant woman the right to the majority of his care from a provider or a group of suppliers, with which you uncomfortable feeling. If it finds that it is uncomfortable or unhappy, it has the right to move in an other provider.Tests healthcare and ProceduresPregnant women have the right to accept or refuse treatment, procedures, tests and medications. She should not be blamed or denied treatment because of their Recordsa decisions.Medical pregnant woman has the right to a copy and the interpretation his medical records relating to their care while working, birth, postpartum care and support of his infant.Workplace Rights in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, one woman, the for a working at least 15 workers can not refused, because she is pregnant, drawn by the company or demoted. Pregnant women may continue to work until you can perform the required tasks at their jobs.

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