Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rights of workers and responsibilities

Acceptance of an offer of employment provides the applicant with new responsibilities, he gives it certain rights of employees and responsibilities. These rights and obligations will help to prevent discrimination, coherence and structure, the justice at the workplace. Rights of employees against DiscriminationAll have the right to fair treatment. Federal discrimination laws prohibit employee discrimination based on sex, age, sexual orientation, religion, race and disability. Laws such as the equal pay Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibition of discriminatory selection practices of employment in the United States. These laws provide employees the right to fair treated will, and employees the right to justice without fear before work is retaliation.Workplace RetaliationWorkplace retaliatory action to punish an employee after the employee committed "activity protected by law." This may mean to help involving your workplace information provision of unfavourable to the judicial authorities or officials in investigations. When these activities lead activities "punish", appeared in the workplace retaliation. Retaliation can amounting to numbers include demotions change of shift work, termination of employment, discipline and other actions. Federal laws prohibit retaliation in the workplace and a complaint with the equal employment opportunity Commission if you suspect that you at work suffered retaliation.Family and ActEmployees were abandoned medical with your employer for at least 12 months, the right people have worked at least 1,250 hours over the last 12 months, et has the employers with at least 50 employees are entitled to holiday without pay i 12 weeksn specific situations. Family and leave act health protects the employee job if you took a leave of absence. Absences allowed include those by the employees (or spouse) birth of pregnancy and child adoption and promotion conditions, workers do his work serious health prevent and care of the child, a spouse or a parent with a serious health problem be initiated. Although employee absence can be eligible, it must follow to qualify his employer and the process notification. It may be necessary to provide vouchers for approval.OSHA GuidelinesThe U.S. Department of labor security at work and health requires management to meet all employers or exceed the minimum security requirements defined for its industry. Employees are required to observe all those issued by the employer's legal and safety rules, regulations and guidelines. It is the responsibility of the employee to dangerous conditions and work-related injuries and diseases to report in a timely manner and immediately.COBRAEmployees search current treatment still, having the right health insurance when you leave your employer voluntarily or otherwise. Under the consolidated omnibus employees are budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), allowed to your coverage insurance maintain if you pay the cost of the coverage. In the American 2009 and employees can benefit recovery Reinvestment Act to pay from subsidised COBRA coverage after approval, 65% of the cost of insurance.

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