Saturday, January 1, 2011

Your employer may use your personal vehicle for work?

Some jobs such as sales, require the employee to visit customers. If your business with a vehicle, it is connected responsible for payment of all fees, with the vehicle. If your business provides a car, you must use your own. Using your vehicle for BusinessYour, employers may require that you can use your car for business or based on a regular or occasional. In this case are entitled to a refund of the mileage. Your employer will usually pay an amount of mile designated, in accordance with the standard established by the IRS to cover fuel, maintenance and wear on your exact RecordsIf vehicle.Keeping use your car for business, maintain appropriate and in accordance with the rules of the IRS ensure accurate reimbursement records. Keep a log of the date, mileage at the beginning and at the end of your journey, and the purpose of each trip. Some companies offer a GPS device this information.Insurance ConsiderationsUsing your vehicle for companies to record your insurance and affect prices can. If you, are traveling for business, your insurance company may require every day wear more quality assurance. However, if you get while your car for business, can it be collected in an accident in your corporate strategy.

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