Thursday, December 30, 2010

EPA drug test

Employees of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are random drug testing, but it is important to note that directives prohibit frameworks for keeping these records indefinitely EPA. Order IdentificationExecutive 12564 and public law 100-71, article 503 (101 STAT 468) EPA and federal agencies similar to the screen must allow randomly their use of drugs, according to the applicant ScreeningsAll website.Preemployment EPA staff invited process to interview submit to a drug tests of hiring, according to the EPA Web site. Agency maintains records for those who denied employment due to a failed drug test for a maximum of three years.Employee RecordsOnce of employee leaves the EPA, the Agency must test any medication records, according to the EPA Web site you. Employees can only employees hold legal drug abuse on the severity of personal EPA test each substance found during a drug in a urine sample employee can choose for three years.Substance HelpDepending problems with the EPA, to the employee in a program of rehabilitation for drug and alcohol abuse, rather than to place it just released.

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