Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Georgia and fair Labor Standards Act

In 1938, at the end of the great depression, Congress enacted the fair (EDF)-Arbeitsnormen Act. This law was one of the reforms fuller on the work of the United States, actually the rules on the minimum wage, overtime, to initiate held employers and child labour. Congress allows States the right to choose their own minimum wage for 2007. Georgia, the minimum wage is $5.15 in 2010. Minimum WageFor employers with less than six employees, the Georgia minimum wage is $5.15 per hour. However, employers with six or more employees must follow the Federal minimum standard and pay their workers $7.25 an hour following minimum.OvertimeGeorgia Federal Fair Labor Standards Act as regards the rules about standard week. Defined as 40 hours seven days a week. If an employee on the 40-hour period, work, it must be paid. Time is defined by the EDF as an hourly employee overtime and a half. During the EDF defines a 40 hour week, a maximum amount of hours that an employee can work in a given week .Record KeepingThe EDF and the Georgian require employers to maintain complete and accurate records to employees. These documents must include hours of work, wages, retained amounts and other applicable information in connection with the work. At the same time these documents must be easily accessible staff you questions to see them.Child LaborA child worker is defined as all employees, less than 18 years old. Georgia and the Fair Labor Standards Act determines the rules on the use of the child priority with tougher laws. Be employed in the State of Georgia, a minor must have a work permit. S of RegelnPéciales on hoursen worked during the school year apply. Minors may not outside the business hours of 7 a.m. to 7 P.m., employees can less pay $4.25 wage hour departure; but Arrièreer 90 days wages must back at least to the State or federal, according to the employer's State of Georgia size.BenefitsNeither fair benefits the Labor Standards Act how sick leave for the time or insurance compensation. However, the EDF requires that employers provide benefits, employees in writing must be given you. At the same time, you should see all the rules on the benefits and the break time in a region that is accessible as a lunch room for all employees. Regards breaks, they are recommended by the EDF, but are required by law. The EDF recommends a break of 20 minutes for all six hours worked. Child workers are by statute, donated a break of 20 minutes for every six hours worked.

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