Monday, December 27, 2010

Mental health employment discrimination

Equal employment opportunity Commission (EEOC) prevents that employers discriminate against employees, former employees or applicants with disabilities. People with disabilities include people with intellectual disabilities such as bipolar disorder, major depression or schizophrenia, if impairment is minor or transient (six months or less). WarningEmployers can not questions, an employee or an applicant has a disability or an obvious disability. According to the Commission is also unlawful to ask an employee with a disability to pass a test until it receives an offer.ConsiderationsEmployers work his work must do to help the employee an employee who has a disability of reason with reasonable accommodation, such as flexible or employment, and enjoy our benefits and privileges coaches working time of employment. The law requires no accommodation if you are in financial difficulty or a burden for employer.Filing a ChargeDisabled employees and applicants who suffer from discrimination or harassment contact a local Office of the Commission, a charge against an employer or organization file. The applicant has 180 days from the date on which discrimination against a fee, according to the Commission in file.

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