Monday, December 27, 2010

Preparing for an interview human resources workers comp

An interview for the compensation of employees may mean meeting with your human resources department and workers compensation insurer your employer. The meeting may determine the insurer accepts or rejects your application for a work injury and may affect how you restore your demand for workers comp. It is therefore important to prepare the interview.Difficulty: ModerateInstructions1Bring your medical records. If you a doctor you through your company or your own personal physician (depending on the State where you live) assigned, you translate all documents and records, to demonstrate the nature and the extent of your injuries. If you live in a State, where workers use compensation laws "Schedule for disability" (assigned a list of injuries and recovery, the individual), ensure that your doctor is work missed your degree of impairment on documents 2Record, the number of days. In some States compensation for lost wages starts after you miss work three days; in other cases, you must Miss, seven or more days before you lost for the money, you get to work due to injury. While a record of number of days you may have missed your human resources department, you should also know this information, you can compare your data with theirs 3Go for accidents at work. Want to be as accurate as possible when you explain what you were doing so how you were hurt by it. Don't forget that isn't injury, caused by negligence - your employer even if you have shot just by accident, workers comp as long as you wrong are policy paid by your employer, in the exercise of their functions and you not sindberauscht or otherwise violate company policy 4Bring witnesses (d)It accident, to confirm your story of phone numbers and names.

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