Monday, December 27, 2010

Law on the California minimum wage

California is usually in advance about the rest of the country in relation to its minimum wage legislation. The State has a minimum wage higher than the Federal Government and developed most protective measures for the protection of workers. Wages and working conditions are regularly reviewed the State minimum wage policy, to verify the adequacy. First story protein extraction polymerization SMIC in California was $ 0.16 in 1916. There is minimum wage 1938 appeared the depth of the crisis well in advance on the Federal Republic. Even if minimum wage first was the Federal Republic for $0.25 per hour, minimum wage in California were already significantly higher at $0.33. California minimum wage has gradually, if not regularly, at the time, with a few small increases of frequent periods of relative but more large increases.FeaturesAs January 2008, the minimum wage in California State is $8. At least every two years, the State industrial Welfare Commission is a review of the appropriateness of the minimum wage on the basis of the study real wages paid to employees of the State, the working hours and conditions of employment. However, only the legislature of the State can change the minimum wage law.ExceptionsSome that minimal state of California excluding are types of workers from the wages Act. External providers work on Commission, people who work for your spouse, child or parent and trainees. Learning a trade must at least 85% of the wage for the first 160 hours of employment if you have no previous experience. Hirten the minimum wage of at least $1200 per WageEmployers federal minimum month.Relation that covered with the stricter standard must comply with laws of the Federal and Canton SMIC have a modified request. Since dieDies means that employers in Kalifornien higher California must pay at least the Federal minimum wage is now $7.25. Other, less obvious on employer restrictions also. Although staff compensate for salaries of its amount of advice, California helps laws Federal SMIC restaurant owner waiting requires that these employees receive the full minimum wage.Wage ClaimIf your employer pay not minimum wage, have at least two ways. You can submit a complaint to pay before the courts of the State to force, your employer, your unpaid wages. This option can be very expensive and impractical. The other option reward is with the State Division of labor standards enforcement (DLSE) apply. The application can consist of two years delay on an oral agreement or a contract for four years behind salaries. Division to evaluate a consultation in a timely manner or the Conference to the validity of your request keep.

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