Monday, December 27, 2010

H1B visa green card process

The H1B visa allows a U.S. company to employ a foreign citizen for a maximum period of six years. This is faster that U.S. "Green card", which allows the holder to life and working to obtain in the United States without a visa. EmployerThe must submit a request for entering the USA representative employers. People are not allowed H1B visa request. These visas are not guaranteed and the FrameEmployers digital limits.Time, subject to the annual are allowed, H1B visa individual six months before the date of commencement of employment. If the person who starts work on the company can apply for a green card, but it must be an employer with a guarantee of employment.SkillsThe H1B is granted visa for professions that require a high level of expertise be sponsored. Employees must generally hold that the equivalent of degree.The application green map employment relevant individual stated U.S. deadline. A year is the usual, but others are behind. A successful application can take up to five years prior to the issue of the green card.

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