Thursday, December 30, 2010

How: use a subcontractor for accidents of

Worker's compensation laws are active in all countries. Workers compensation was adopted to ensure that employees passed employer are if you hurt. It support for medical expenses, weekly payments during work stoppage and $ if permanently disabled. Many workers is of outsourcers, and is not considered employees. The question arises how contractors for an injury.Difficulty employment are covered: moderately ChallengingInstructionsIs worker a subcontractor? 1 the employer control worker? many times an employer classified workers as subcontractors. However, an employee might actually depending on the arrangement of the work of the workers. If the employee for the employer works and required to report for work at any given time and place every day under the exclusive control of the employer then applied the law employees, has no subcontractor. 2 of a subcontractor show must written evidence of coverage.Certify subcontractors of his own cover. If subcontractors are claims covered by its own workers compensation policy, the employer must ensure that it is true. Evidence of coverage, the contractor a certificate of insurance of his own cover carrier should. provide 3Provide for uninsured contractors and its employees. The employer must cover uninsured principals and its employees under the policy of remuneration of the worker in his own. The employer usually deduct a percentage of the subcontractor payments to cover the additional costs of the subcontractor and its purposes of workers compensation employees. 4For, one injured employees subcontractors is uninsured eiNE claim for injuries caused by l introduction ' made contractor General employer and is paid by carrier 5Each year general contractor as employer of audits of the books of the employer's workers compensation insurance. Insurance representatives is a premium rate for contractors uninsured workers of Publicitéautres.

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